Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wylie, Tx (and some stuff about Tool)

Who lives there? Just curious. Email me if you don't want to comment.

Watch this guy cover Tool songs. It's pretty amazing. Here's a link to Sober since it's about the only Tool song most people know. I know most people aren't into this sort of thing. I wasn't either, but this guy is ridiculously amazing. Don't worry, Jimmy. He covers Eulogy, too. I know how much you love it.


The Reverend said...

i have more than 2 friends that live out there. i've never been there though. we always meet in dallas or something so that tells you a little about that place already...why? what or who's in wylie?

Tina said...

Never heard of Wylie, but I recently moved to Lubbock, TX. Who the hell lives here?

Pretty awesome guitar video.

Nice blog!